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Mean on Purpose? Bullying Prevention in Early Childhood

February 16, 2017

Presented by Stephanie Colvin-Roy, Special Projects Managing Coordinator, Center for Schools and Communities, Camp Hill, Pa.

The majority of research on bullying focuses on its prevalence, causes and appropriate prevention and intervention responses for school-aged children, however recent studies examine bullying behaviors that are exhibited by preschool-aged children. Young children who are victimized by their peers report being fearful of other children, are vulnerable to future episodes of victimization, and are anxious about going to school. (Alsaker, F., Valkanover, S. The Bernese Program Against Victimization in Kindergarten and Elementary School). Preschool children, like older children, are capable of direct and indirect bullying behaviors ( Vlachou, M., Andreou, E., Botsoglou, K. Bully/Victim Problems Among Preschool Children: a Review of Current Research Evidence).

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