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The Role of Physicians in Bullying Prevention, Intervention and Recovery

January 15, 2015

This session was presented by Matthew G. Masiello, MD, Director for the Windber Research Institute.

Research supports that bullying involvement often manifests in physical and psychological health adversities that result in a child seeking care at an emergency room or pediatrician's office. However, the reason for the patients' visits is not always clear and health adversities that result from bullying may be misdiagnosed. Screening for other violent, health-adverse behaviors has shown to be successful among health care providers, yet few bullying screening tools exist and none have been developed, validated or implemented in a clinical setting. Recently, the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention studied the piloting of a bullying screening tool in several pediatric and family practice settings. This session will discuss initial findings from that pilot, as well as known physical and psychological impacts of bullying exposure among adolescents.

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