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Bullying Prevention in Urban Schools

June 19, 2014

Presented by Michelle Gwinn Nutter, Safe Schools Program Manager, Center for Safe Schools and Shiryl Barto, Manager, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Bullying is prevalent among youth in all communities; however, urban school administrators report higher rates of bullying-related discipline problems, racial and ethnic tensions and perceived gang activity than non-urban school administrators (2012 Indicators of School Crime & Safety Report). Issues such as those mentioned can contribute to a negative school climate and interfere with student learning. This is why it is critical that all schools adopt a comprehensive approach to dealing with school climate and bullying, which includes strategies aimed at reducing discipline problems and peer aggression, while improving relationships among students and between students and teachers. A critical first step in addressing bullying therefore is to assess what pro-social efforts are currently ongoing in schools, evaluate if they are successful and understand how they might represent known best practices in bullying prevention. This session will use findings from a year-long Pennsylvania work group to frame discussion and guide participants in understanding more about their own schools' BP effectiveness.