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Best Practices in Bullying Prevention: Components of Effective Practice at the School Level

April 17, 2014

Presented by Stacie Molnar-Main, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Center for Safe Schools

Bullying is a serious problem affecting health outcomes for children and youth. While it can occur in many different settings, bullying is particularly prevalent in schools. In the last decade, research has revealed many lessons that are relevant to school-based bullying prevention. For example, we now know bullying is best addressed through a comprehensive, multi-tiered framework that focuses on shifting norms and practices of students, staff and other adults. Social support is also a critical component of school-based bullying prevention and should be included in any prevention strategy.  Finally, bullying prevention programs should attend to the needs of individuals directly involved in bullying. Children who bully others and children who are bullied benefit from interventions that addresses their unique social, emotional and behavioral needs. This webinar, presented by staff at Pennsylvania's Center for Safe Schools, provides details about these and other components of effective school-based bullying prevention.

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