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Bullying Prevention in the Afterschool Setting

January 17, 2013

Presented by Kacy Conley, Director, Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool /Youth Development Network, Camp Hill, Pa.; Leah Galkowski, Safe Schools Coordinator, Center for Safe Schools, Camp Hill, Pa.; and Jane Riese, Research Associate, Clemson University's Institute on Family & Neighborhood Life, Clemson, S.C.

Many students experience bullying and many affected students participate in organized after-school programs. Yet, few anti-bullying programs target the afterschool setting. This presentation will explore the connections between bullying prevention strategies being used in schools and the after-school environment. It will define the problem of bullying, as it relates to school and non-school settings, and it will provide an overview of strategies that can translate to the afterschool environment.

PowerPoint Presentation

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