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Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit

The Center for Safe Schools and the Highmark Foundation proudly announce the launch of the Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit, a website that provides centralized, authoritative, easy-to-use information, tools and best practices to help families, schools and communities recognize, understand and prevent bullying and support children affected by it.

This new online toolkit ensures that parents have a fast-track to meeting needs when bullying occurs. It includes specific information about how to differentiate between bullying and conflict, how to respond to cyberbullying and potential legal implications of bullying-type behaviors. It contains a guide for connecting children to relevant assistance, a sample letter informing the school of a bullying incident, and a list of vetted resources on bullying intervention and support.

The toolkit provides valuable information for educators and others working with youth, including health care professionals, coaches and after school staff. It is especially valuable to schools that do not have bullying prevention programs in place and to agencies typically called upon in crisis situations. Related tip-sheets and guides are free and downloadable.

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