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Bullying Prevention Toolkit and Guides

Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit


The Center for Safe Schools and the Highmark Foundation partnered to develop this new online tool that will help parents, educators and others working with youth – including health care professionals, coaches and afterschool staff – prevent bullying and support children affected by it.

This toolkit will be especially valuable to schools that do not have bullying prevention programs in place; and to agencies typically called upon in crisis situations.

For families, this toolkit ensures that they have a fast-track to assessing and meeting needs when bullying occurs. Along with tips for parents whose children are bullied and advice for parents whose children bully others, it includes helpful hints from kids who have been bulled themselves.

It also provides specific information about how to differentiate between bullying and conflict, how to respond to cyberbullying and potential legal implications of bullying-type behaviors. It contains a guide for connecting children to relevant assistance, a sample letter informing the school of a bullying incident, and a list of vetted resources on bullying intervention and support.

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Toolkit Companion Guides

These guides are companion publications to the Bullying Prevention Toolkit, with specific content for parents, school administrators and afterschool/out-of-school time professionals.

  • Bullying Prevention in Out-of-School and Afterschool Sessions
  • Bullying Prevention in Urban Schools
  • Peer Abuse in Schools: Why it Matters and What Schools Can Do
  • Preventing Aggression and Bullying in Early Childhood
  • What Every Administrator Should Know About Bullying
  • What Every Parent Should Know About Bullying

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Published in October 2015, the "Integrating the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in Pennsylvania” white paper summarizes findings related to the following questions: Is it possible to implement both OBPP and PBIS in a school?; What strategies support co-implementation of OBPP and PBIS?; and What considerations are warranted when a school is selecting an evidence-based school climate improvement program, such as OBPP or PBIS?





Published in October 2014, the "Integrating Bullying Prevention and Restorative Practices in Schools: Considerations for Practitioners and Policymakers” white paper addresses the integration of two common approaches to improving school climate and school connectedness: bullying prevention and restorative practices.